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Through the years, the Volkswagen brand has been built around its vehicles, of course. But, even more, around those who drive them: their habits, their little errors, their ways of life...


So when the brand wants to talk about Innovation, it is through the usefulness of its technologies in people’s everyday life that it expresses itself.

When it comes to safety, the best thing Volkswagen can do for people is ensure that nothing happens to them. Nothing is the ultimate goal of all the driver assistance technologies developed by the brand. And finally, nothing has much to tell us about life.

Everything has already been said about everything. So we decided to talk about nothing. But talking about nothing is not talking to say nothing. On the contrary. Think about it. What is there in common between a man who laughs at nothing, a lover who dares say nothing, and two punks who believe in nothing? You see, nothing is still a lot. And then, at a time of everything, everywhere, all the time, nothing makes us feel good.

In terms of innovation, we could easily have talked about everything: research and development, driver assistance technologies, autonomous cars… But we preferred to talk to you about life, what is stronger than love and better than a fondue after skiing: nothing. At least, those who don’t like advertising between programs have not been bothered.



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